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Unique to naturopathic medicine, this alternating hot and cold therapy serves in both acute and chronic illness.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Fundamental to the original tenants of naturopathic medicine, this therapy involving alternating hot and cold towels to the torso is a way to kickstart the immune system by increasing blood circulation. This profound and palpable impact on the movement of the blood directly impacts the white blood cells, known as the powerhouses of our immunity. Since it is a generalized therapy, it will tonify the gastrointestinal organs and promote detoxification, calm the nerves, and stimulate immune function.

Constitutional hydrotherapy has been used for generations to cut the severity, duration, and frequency of colds and flu and optimize overall health and reverse chronic disease. It should be implemented whenever there is any fever, or threat therein, or to help stop a developing cold or flu. It is also an excellent adjunct to any cancer therapy since it is a powerful way to reboot the mitochondria or our energy factories that equal metabolic health.

What is a treatment like?

This treatment is calming and therapeutic! Many people find it very comforting to be wrapped up and receive the alternating hot and cold towels on their bodies. Increasing your circulation and moving toxicants out of your body may cause you to sweat or break your fever. This treatment can relieve anxiety or insomnia too. Hydrotherapy is very powerful, yet can be used for the young, old, and infirm alike. Children especially like it and often fall asleep once the second the towels are placed on the back – many adults fall asleep too!

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