MindBody Temperament Balancing

Subtle, quantum vibrations to remove emotional and physical blockages,

reconnect you to the continuum, and assist your Flow state.

Since its original discovery over two hundred years ago, homeopathy has successfully addressed both physical and emotional complaints. We at Options Naturopathic believe this deeply effective energetic medicine is ready for prime time. With its uncanny ability to balance mood and behavior, or temperament, our unique method is an inexpensive yet powerful approach that assists a variety of psychological and physiological complaints. Depression, anxiety, paranoia can all melt away alongside perhaps the most noxious aspect of our psyches: negative self-talk, or rumination. Additionally, an unending litany of simple physical symptoms can also resolve with this long standing healing system.


We call our modern, evolved approach to homeopathy the MindBody Temperament Balancing Program or ‘MBTB

So what is homeopathy? Plants, animals and minerals serve as the original substance for a special process that ‘potentises’ the vibrations of these materials into remedies through successive dilutions and a vigorous shaking process called succussion. This process creates an imprinted memory holding an energetic signature of the original substance from which the medicine is made, similar to how water has the capacity to hold memory. The hundreds of available remedies each hold such imprints, reflecting multitudes of symptoms discovered through human testing and diligent tabulation which can then be addressed through homeopathy. Accumulating these lists of symptoms and experiences is called a Proving. Provings were one of many methods of empirical discovery made through direct observation prior to the development of clinically controlled trials. It should be noted that clinical trials depend on groups of homogenous people, which in reality do not exist. As such, they cannot evaluate the methodology of homeopathy that matches a remedy to an individual based on idiosyncrasies, instead of the traits they have in common, as in drug testing.

Herbs and drugs are used for different reasons and impact different organs and tissues. Similarly, different homeopathic medicines influence specific organs and tissues, as well. Homeopathy, however, is far more subtle and broad sweeping in its impact. Here, the impact occurs when there is a resonance between the energetic signature of the homeopathic medicine and the state of the individual. Resonance here is analogous to plucking two attuned guitar strings that align through the same frequency. This synchronization between the remedy and the individual then mobilizes and promotes the release of old, broken experiences to dissolve, or release, from the mental and physical body, or MindBody. This attunement creates harmony where previously there was only discordance. This response is not through a biochemical change, but rather through the energetic and emotional reaction of the individual. If there is no resonance, there is no response. This is why homeopathy is completely safe and non-toxic.


Just as in engineering or microacoustics where there is interference, “Vibration Isolation” technology is implemented to dampen and cancel unwanted signals. Imagine a remedy as the “Cancellation Signal” in the following graphic:

MindBody Temperament Balancing Program

The current state of the patient is the “Incoming Vibration”, and the application of a proper homeopathic medicine at the proper dilution (potency) is transposing the correct energetic imprint at the perfect amplitude to harmonize and bring the individual into a state of coherence (“Zero Net Effect”). The allowed time between applications allows the harmonized shift in the individual to reveal itself.

Our method of using this deep-healing Mindbody Temperament Balancing therapy has metamorphosed into a powerful self-awareness tool, enabling our patients to make a critical first step toward the lifestyle changes that support the rest of their holistic treatment programs. Most people don’t notice their body until it’s speaking through a physical or emotional symptom, so the individual is advised to reflect on a deeper level and become aware of what comes up and out, as returning to a normal and settled mind and body is subtle. Nevertheless, even in a person who has no idea why they are taking the remedies nor pays any attention to their weekly incremental shifts, effective resolutions can still occur.

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In the MindBody program, a cycle of three-to-four different remedies mirrors a person’s greatest subconscious concerns and physical issues, enabling an extraordinary erasure of core dysfunctional beliefs and physical support. 

During the first five days, an onboarding remedy is generally suggested for first time users to work the system up to higher homeopathic potencies, which invoke a more profound impact. . After this, each homeopathic is taken only once a week. Twelve weeks completes a single cycle of the program. Each remedy gets repeated four-to-six times, offering the chance to remove deeper layers of what is stuck vibrationally. Additional program cycles with new or similar homeopathics may be needed to iron out remaining suboptimal sentiments. These are not medicines that need to be taken for the “rest of your life”, as is often the case with drugs. A minimum of three months and a maximum of a year (four cycles) is suggested to evaluate changes or fully resolve temperament issues.

It is far superior to resolve mild issues before they become unmanageable and severe. Given it is easier to resolve a small problem than a major dysfunction, our experience shows homeopathics are an effective and inexpensive solution to lower the overuse of pharmaceutical prescriptions in both children and adults. Thus if consistently used as a first-line approach, the possibilities of prevention and healing are endless. Likewise, if pharmaceuticals fail to assist a patient’s chronic anxiety, mood and sleep issues, or if a person is looking for non-pharmacological options to manage any of these issues, our MBTB Program is an excellent choice.

Our 12-Week MINDBODY Program works best to experience and identify a response.*

After you purchase the program, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. Answering these simple questions of reflection sincerely and honestly enables our naturopathic doctors to select a series of homeopathic remedies/correctives that match and mirror the experience that needs to shift. Then, one of our naturopathic doctors will take your responses and assemble a program unique to you. In most cases, the protocol starts with a five-day series to launch the plan, followed by a once weekly dose of three or four remedies that are rotated over the course of the three months.

Taking the prescribed series of weekly doses of in-formed pellets can then support you by reverberating those vibrations to the surface, effectively assisting the clearing of ongoing negative, traumatic thoughts (i.e. rumination). We think of ‘vibration’ as encoded information. Everything in the universe is electromagnetic wave-form three-dimensional bubble in-formation. YOU are part of the quantum picture!

*A one-month program is available, as well. Note that this program is a regular part of our patient care for current patients, as well, where the pricing is discounted.

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Where extra support may be needed – such as with severe anxiety, depression or in the case of acute illness (as a result of your emotional releases, which can happen!) we recommend scheduling a new patient visit with one of our naturopathic doctors, who can talk you through what to expect and any healing responses that may occur. 

We strongly recommend reading more about our take on Preventative Support, as well, since our ultimate goal is to teach you and your family wellness from the root and how to maintain this natural capacity.


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OM Program

Developed by Dr. Gérard Guéniot and his colleagues, the OM Program is used to reinforce the normal maturation of the human being. It is used in both children and adults in cases where development has been disrupted or is at risk of being blocked from a current stress or trauma. Dr. Erin has chosen to call this the “OM Program”, as OM is the original sound, or the corrective force of Creation, and also because this program is to Optimize Maturation.

Returning to Source, on an energetic level, assists the energetic body to self-correct, through a re-alignment with the original formative forces that inform our fundamental health.


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