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TAP Support

to assist in the execution of your ‘Roadmap to Health’

TAP =¬† ‘Terrain Advocate Program‘, a specialized training with the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

Navigate Your Health Journey
with a TAP Advocate

At Options Naturopathic, we understand that navigating your health journey can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we offer comprehensive support every step of the way. Our dedicated team of TAP Advocates specializes in the metabolic approach and the ketogenic diet, empowering both oncology patients and individuals seeking non-oncology related dietary guidance. Whether you’re actively battling cancer or simply looking to optimize your overall health, TAP Advocates can be your knowledgeable guide. They’ll provide the tools and support you need to make informed decisions about your nutrition and lifestyle, fostering a sense of ownership and control over your well-being journey.

What Sets TAP Advocates Apart

Expert Guidance

Our advocates are highly trained in the intricacies of the metabolic approach, providing evidence-based guidance on managing your diet and lifestyle changes.

Personalized Support

TAP advocates develop a customized plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. They offer ongoing support and encouragement throughout your journey

Bridging the Gap

Our advocates can help you understand how the metabolic approach can integrate with your existing healthcare routine, facilitating open communication with your doctor.

Here's how a TAP Advocate can support you:

Oncology Patients

  • Understanding Your Journey:¬†Our TAP advocates understand the complexities of navigating cancer treatment. They can provide invaluable support as you manage your nutrition and lifestyle changes alongside your existing treatment plan.
  • Collaborative Care:¬†TAP advocates work collaboratively with your healthcare team to ensure a comprehensive approach to your well-being, fostering open communication and a seamless integration of the metabolic approach.
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge:¬†They’ll guide you through the “why” behind dietary and lifestyle changes, empowering you to take an active role in your health and feel a sense of control over your journey.

Non-Oncology Patients

  • Exploring the Ketogenic Diet: TAP advocates can be your knowledgeable guide if you’re interested in exploring the ketogenic diet for various reasons, such as weight management, improved blood sugar control, or overall wellness optimization.
  • Personalized Goals: They can help you understand how the metabolic approach can complement your existing health goals, tailoring a plan to meet your unique needs and preferences.
  • Taking Charge of Your Health: Regardless of your background, TAP advocates empower you to take charge of your health through personalized guidance and ongoing support.

Unlocking the Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet:

TAP advocates offer specialized support for both oncology and non-oncology patients:

  • Science Made Simple:¬†They break down the science behind keto and its impact on your body.
  • Delicious Meal Plans:¬†They help you create a delicious and customized meal plan.
  • Achieving Ketosis:¬†They guide you in achieving and maintaining ketosis.
  • Practical Integration:¬†They offer practical advice for integrating keto into your daily routine.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us today or schedule a consultation below. Let’s discuss how TAP advocates at Options Naturopathic can support your unique needs. Allow us to be your partner on your path to well-being!