Rhonda L.

“Dr. Erin is awesome at handling my whole family’s issues from small issues to major, with me as well as the kids. Her suggestions are spot on! I love it at Options! My kids like visiting her because they are listened to and they see that they get results.”

Amber D.

“Practically the only doctor I trust anymore. The breadth of this practice always amazes me. I have had several issues that would typically be prescribed a pill, yet they were treated (with time and patience) by Dr. Erin. And the root of the cause was fixed rather than just the symptom. I highly recommend other 

Ron H.

“I have known of Dr. Erin’s work in the community. I hit a bottom 5 months ago in that I was miserably sick and I knew it was from being on prednisone everyday for 30 years! Yes, you read that correctly, 30 years of daily steroid use. My health chart is quite complicated with a 

Erin T.

“I am so blessed to have met Dr. Erin 5 years ago! She literally saved my life and my families! My son was struggling with issues from 9 months to 18 months that were not being resolved with the standard approach. I looked for a naturopath and found Dr. Erin. We started her protocols for 

Suzie K.

“I’m recalling 17 years of doctoring and mentoring from Dr. Erin. Naturopathy was unknown to me 17 years ago but has been a true “life saver” under Dr. Erin’s care. She has brought me through the common acute illnesses; lyme disease; a compression fracture which an orthopedic surgeon marveled at recovery wise and cancelled his 

Amie A.

“Thanks to my ongoing work with Options Naturopathic, I have been managing my issues with high cholesterol, joint inflammation, digestion difficulties, and poor sleep without the intervention of pharmaceuticals. I find working with Dr. Erin and her office worker most enjoyable. I have recommended her to my friends.”

Mary A.

“Along with my two daughters, I have been working with Dr. Erin Holston Singh for 4+ years. She has successfully guided all three of us through some challenging medical issues that were not responding to treatments from MDs. I am now off of three pharmaceuticals, all of which pose challenges themselves to long-term health, and 

Sheila K.

“Dr. Erin has introduced me to a whole new way of viewing medicine and our bodies. In a world of doctors who often prescribe drugs to cover up the root causes of sickness and disease, Erin’s approach is to actually heal yourself through more holistic methods/ a whole body approach. I am so grateful for 

Bianca S.

“The body can heal itself if given the right conditions and Dr. Erin teaches her patients how to do just that!” I have been a patient of Dr. Erin for 17 years! Everyday I am thankful that I have her to oversee my health along with my husband and teenage children. Her approach to health 

Steven L.

“Dr. Erin is thorough and truly takes a whole body approach towards healing. Over the last 15 years she has been instrumental in my health. She has taught me that prescription medication only masks illnesses and true healing begins at removing the the cause instead of masking the symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Erin and