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The OM Program (Brain Protocol): The Basics

The OM Program (Brain Protocol) is a homeopathic program used to reset trauma, optimize development or support a person through a difficult transition. It consists of remedies that specifically integrate all that develops during the period of maturation, from birth to puberty so that it is specifically in sync.

Given that trauma, whether it be mechanical, emotional, physical, or chemical, is unavoidable, the process of supporting our physical and emotional being is needed more than we realize. Working through subtle, energetic natural medicines, the remedies of the OM Program help the person to stabilize their feeling states, and thus ground their emotions.

Dr. Erin has chosen to call this the “OM Program”, as OM is the original sound, or the corrective force of Creation, and also because this program is to Optimize Maturation.

It is a program that has various effects, noticeable and sometimes covert, depending on the individual’s capacity to sense and detect the shifts. Most importantly, it helps to reset problematic thinking in those persons with more anxious temperaments. Unlike pharmaceuticals that need to be taken in an ongoing manner to experience the shift, the OM Program is either a one-time process or repeated after a destabilizing event.

The program has helped countless children with attention or anxiety. It is also excellent for re-launching fundamentals of normal immune and endocrine function, thereby re-setting the interlinked physiological processes in an adult who had experienced significant early childhood trauma.

The OM Program is ideally paired with our MINDBODY Temperament Balancing Program, which addresses the most common root causes of poor physical and emotional wellbeing, from mood issues to more ‘physical’ symptoms; from excessive emotions to hormonal or attention disorder-related issues, and more.

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