Awaken your LIFE ENERGY & Open the Pineal

Dr. Erin

I recently worked with a shaman and had a profound awakening, leading to a collated understanding of all of the tools that have been presented to me over the thirty plus years I have been studying natural medicine. Out of this, a healing technique unfolded that I am calling Torus Flow Therapy.

If this name doesn’t make any sense to you, let’s call it an energetic program to awaken the LIFE FORCE energy. All matter can be reduced to the vibrations of the electrons, protons and neutrons, and ultimately the vibration of these particles. While it’s a stretch of imagination to understand this, the science is there to back up these concepts, irrespective of our capacity to conceive of these truths or not. Please refer to the “Resources to Understand Our Process” page to help.

The conceptualization for this Torus Flow Therapy started as a concept to treat cancer, given our metabolic approach is associated with blocked mitochondrial function, or blocked electron flow across the mitochondrial membrane, and subsequent mitochondrial demise. As the flow of the therapeutic program evolved to include the root causes of this shutdown, I realized it would help depressed people and now I’m seeing it can be helpful for anyone who is open to shifting whatever is “stuck”.

Essentially, it is a program from multiple masters, doctors, healers and methods that span the globe collated to open up, move and awaken the LIFE FORCE, or the penultimate driver of our evolved biology in the human form. It is this blocked ‘life energy’ that drives disease. (More on this in my imminent book!)

The torus is the core of structured motion found all throughout the universe. This is tantamount to the flow of the Life Force, and is found throughout all of biology and matter. This video explains, in part, why the healing technique is based on the flow of the “torus”, or the ‘life energy”. I found this video[1] after I’d devised the program- and was surprised to see the degree of correlation. Note : Min 4:36 when they talk about doctors in China having a tumor disappear in 2.5 minutes. (I knew I was on to something!).

The treatment reinforces the flow of this current via imitation. The healing tools mimic the natural flow of the Life Energy, while also working with the pineal gland, as well as the body as a whole. Children as young as two years old have been found to have calcifications on their pineal gland. It is not conventionally understood why patients will have calcifications whilst others don’t, as the finding is not age-dependent. When the pineal gland is not functioning, cancer begins ([2], [3], [4]). Through autopsy, it is known that cancer patients have blocked/dysfunctional pineal glands ([5]).

The pineal gland is impacted through various methods employed by the therapist/partner, effectively ‘opening’ it, allowing the Life Force energy to move through this master endocrine gland that connects us to the cosmic energies and our Life Purpose.

There are variations depending on the recipient-and all is tested using the patient/partner’s own Autonomic Nervous Signal, or the ANS, which Paul Nogier discovered in France in the 1950’s and which I have used for over twenty years to check therapies and the appropriateness for the patient. The time involved is approximately 45-60min, but that may be longer if we are working with a sicker patient- and may need to do some processing work or discuss clarifications/understandings to uncover roots of the emotional components and how to support the removal of these energetic blockages.

As we do the program, and ideally when the stuck energy moves, the body may enter into an acute illness, hence supports for healing crises will be given. Most of this is already on our website and is what Options has been engaged in throughout the course of my practice.

Please note that an acute illness is a desired, or welcome response, as otherwise your aberrant patterns remain internalized. Nothing to fear, as this is how life recovers itself. Fever is probably the most ideal result we could expect, as fever indicates the immunity has launched and the directive to incarnate (or remain incarnated) in this form has taken hold. Never suppress a fever!

We are not so arrogant to imply that this is the only tool any person should use, rather we are merely proposing it as a support, as medicine, to assist in the process of healing.

As for cost, please honor our base price and also consider paying what you are able to pay in addition in order to propel this support forward for humanity to partake and awaken as a ‘premium’. The base price is equivalent to our current hourly rate (however long it takes for us to have the visit and administer the service). The “Premium” is something for the service, allowing us to expand this therapy into the world and assisting Options’ growth and debt payments (and allow our staff to earn livable wages). This service premium is an additional amount, determined by YOU and it could be $1.00 or it could be $5,000. Whatever you feel you are capable of and whatever feels right to you. Please let the staff know if you would like to contribute to the Premium to move natural medicine forward, supporting others to follow their hearts and utilize this method.

Lastly, for those who are able and value this service, we offer an opportunity to sponsor someone less-fortunate to receive the therapy. Hence, if you are so moved, there is an opportunity to sponsor a treatment for another person and “Pay it Forward”. Likewise, if you feel you are a candidate to be a Pay-it-Forward recipient, please also let us know. Our goal is to create a loving, cyclic exchange of give and receiving to reflect the larger current of the toroidal Life Energy.

The last two payments are up to you. If you feel you’ve been profoundly impacted in your healing process, payments toward your service can be made at any time. These concepts are engendering the concept of Gift•ivism[6] at Options- and our ultimate hope is that it expedites the return to a more karmic economy!


  • Sound therapy
  • Gem therapy
  • Color therapy
  • Structured water
  • Sacred Metals
  • Etherized Flower
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Geospheric and ionospheric oscillating Laser Therapy to harmonize the cosmic and earth energy​
  • Magnetic Polarity Balancing
  • Quintessential Homeopathics to inspire the Flow of Divine energy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Maximizing CIRCULATION
  • Therapeutic TORF MUD & Flower Essence Support to continue the treatment at home

Open the pineal gland: communicator to the cosmos.

Bring it all home to the heart & back again.