Removing Environmental Toxicants

At the 23rd annual AANP conference in 2009, Dr. Erin attended a lecture on which botanical agents have been proven to help clear fat-soluble toxins from the body. Given these are the most problematic chemicals in our environment, contributing to all sorts of illness, see the highlights of that lecture here.

Toxins can Reduce Weight Loss and Damage Mitochondria

A fundamental message from this lecture was that intoxication with particular fat-soluble toxins reduces the capacity to lose weight! Toxins get stored in our fat tissues and cause a disruption in the mitochondria, which functions as the “powerhouse” of our cells. Since mitochondria make the molecules that supply all of our energy, if a toxin blocks that function, fatigue and weight gain are the natural result.

It goes like this: Worse than the natural consequences of aging is the accumulation of persistent environmental pollutants over time in older individuals. As we age, we increase the overall body burden of toxins in fat. This increased toxic burden leads to more and more mitochondrial damage, therefore resulting in a decreased capacity to break down fat (thermogenesis). With less thermogenesis, there is a reduction in the amount of fat lost and subsequently more weight gained. Dr. Walter Crinnion explained how when we get into a fat break-down mode, as from dieting and in particular, yo-yo dieting, those persistent organic pollutants that hide in our fatty tissue come full force into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the dieting does NOT clear these toxins from the body, but only dramatically increases the toxic burden of these compounds on our bodies.

So where do these noxious, mitochondrial-disrupting, fat-soluble substances come from? Please see the list of FAT SOLUBLE TOXINS below.


  • Dairy-(since fat-soluble toxins accumulate in fatty foods)
  • Farm-raised fish (because they are the #1 source of PCB’s, or Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
  • Automobile exhaust (due to benzo a pyrenes)
  • Smoke: tobacco, marijuana, wood, incense (due to benzo a pyrenes)
  • Non-organic foods (because they are a source of chlorinated pesticides)
  • Heavy metals (such as pollution, fish, amalgam fillings)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE’s) in household flame retardants
  • Fluoridated water

It is critical to understand that, once again, individually tailored detoxification, in addition to dietary changes, is crucial to improving health, reducing symptoms, losing weight and living in a preventive, health-sustaining fashion. To see which herbs or teas you could consider ingesting on a regular basis to protect your system from the toxic deluge caused by dieting, please see the BOTANICALS list below.

Botanicals that help the body clear FAT-SOLUBLE TOXINS:

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