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This page is for our “newbies” to explore what we are all about. OUR work is based on what we call a Therapeutic Philosophy, THE KEY component that differentiates us from the rest of both natural AND conventional medical approaches. 

Overall, we use common sense, blended with tradition AND science.

Dive in as deep and LEARN!


Naturopathic medicine resolves complaints without deteriorating health in the process.

Through NATURE, we assist your body’s innate ability to heal.

To see HOW we can help you, explore this section to understand how our approach to health, wellness, disease, and ‘infection’ are fundamentally DIFFERENT than what you’ve likely known. We trust you are here because you are seeking options in your well-care and may be seeking alternatives to pharmaceuticals, or what are essentially man-made chemicals.

In addition to trusting substances that are nature-made, we abide by the CORE PRINCIPLES of natural medicine. Be sure to review these pages to determine your alignment with our methods of WHOLISTIC HEALING.

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We believe healing is about recognizing all aspects of dysfunction: mental, emotional and physical.


During an initial consult, your doctor will also discuss the corrective needs regarding health and disease and share what lifestyle changes would support a change in the present condition. These changes initiate the ongoing conversation about which overall therapies and techniques should be utilized to achieve a restoration of the patient’s overall well-being.

Finally, each patient will be presented with a comprehensive regimen of the necessary herbal remedies, homeopathics, and other nutritional supplementation that would positively impact a change in the problematic health condition(s).

You will also leave with a bloodwork requisition that is tailored to your specific needs. Once we have a baseline of your bloodwork for your follow up, we will work to correct the terrain and fine tune our suggestions based on your labs each visit.


Many individuals are perplexed as to why they have particular health problems and often the terrain approach can give a common-sense explanation as to how these issues arose. Since we deal with predominantly chronic or longstanding health problems, an overall explanation will be presented on the possible origin(s) of an individual’s health issues.

In addition to our routine lab reviews, we offer a multitude of specialty testing to understand your terrain on a deeper level. We offer additional testing to asses for toxicants (like mold or RoundUp!), hormones, toxic metals, microbiome, parasites, and mitochondrial health.


Scope out our healing programs to assist the foundation of your health through what we call the “MindBody”.

This fundamental part of our care is used with most of our patients but can be used for non-patients to assist with chronic issues.



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