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Check Under Hood


We find patients commonly believe they are ‚Äúhealthy‚Ä̂Ķuntil they discover they are not! There is truly no way to know if you have underlying health concerns without a thorough analysis of your bloodwork.

We see the best outcomes when the patient understands what we do and is fully engaged in our process. Our process with our patients is ever-evolving to create a new culture in healthcare, using all of the tools of naturopathic medicine, including lifestyle changes, herbal and homeopathic medicines, energy work, and nutritional advice. We find the tools that fit YOU.

We believe a relationship is ideal if both parties are fully invested, believe in the work that is to be done together, and are ready to trust the process.

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Check Under the Hood

Initial Consult


45 Minutes


Follow up consults


75 Minutes

During this initial consult, you will spend time establishing care based on recent lab work. This allows us to provide more specialized suggestions. Dr. Patrick will review and assess those results with our Optimal Terrain reference ranges*. He can then determine what support you may need to correct your health issues or prevent any future concerns. 

The main differences between this consult and our General Initial Consult is the following:

  • This consult is¬†half the time, 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes¬†
  • This consult is¬†half the cost, $150 instead of $275
  • The main focus of this consult is to¬†review recent lab work¬†rather than medical/life history and symptoms
    • Recent labs are required for this consult
  • Only¬†abbreviated intake forms¬†are required prior to the consult rather than extensive intake forms¬†

Similar to our full initial consult, patients will be provided with a comprehensive plan of the necessary lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and/or homeopathics needed for positive changes. 


A lab work review with our Optimal Terrain reference ranges and attention to physiology and patterns of dysfunction gives us a more thorough picture than what the typical lab ranges and assessments reveal. Unlike the lab reference ranges that differ with varying labs, the terrain-centric, optimized ranges are universal regardless of gender, ethnicity, and location, displaying what bloodwork would look like in optimal health.

By utilizing the terrain reference ranges, our providers are able to identify the patterns of ‚Äúdiseased terrain‚ÄĚ before a disease process sets in and work with patients to correct these patterns by addressing the root causes seen through their bloodwork and health history. In this capacity, we are able to work proactively rather than reactively and provide truly prevention-based health care.


Lab work is a requirement for this initial consult. If you have recent lab work, within the last 6 months, Dr. Patrick can review this at your consult. After scheduling, be sure to share a copy of these results with our office.

If you do NOT have recent lab work from the past 6 months:

  1. Choose from the below out-of-pocket discounted lab panels based on your budget and primary health concerns
  2. Request a consultation by filling out this form. You will be contacted by our office within 1 business day.
  3. Once you get a phone call from our Patient Support Specialist, tell them the lab panel you would like to purchase. They will email you a cart to finalize payment with our out-of-pocket lab partner, Evexia.
  4. Once you purchase the panel, print the requisition and bring it to a local LabCorp facility to have drawn 7-10 days before your scheduled consult. 



Best for patients who do not have very many health complaints and want a screening check-up. Much can be told about one’s immune function with these basic labs!

  • This blood panel includes:¬†CBC +¬†CMP +¬†Ferritin +¬†Homocysteine +¬†Vitamin D
  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$54.59

Best for patients who have a personal or family history of heart issues, cancer, blood sugar, blood pressure, or other metabolic issues. Also great for vegans and hypoglycemics who don’t realize how stressed the metabolic system can be.

  • This panel includes:¬†CBC + CMP + Insulin + IGF-1 + Hemoglobin A1c + Uric Acid + Lipid Panel

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$63.86

Can be combined with the immune expanded panel for a $30 discount.

Best for patients who have had some health concerns in the past but have not been checked in over 6 months OR for those patients who want a more in-depth screening check-up. 

Hair falling out? Sisters, mother, or aunt with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism? This is a good choice!

  • This panel includes:¬†ANA Screening + CBC + CEA + CMP + Ferritin + Homocysteine + Thyroid Antibodies¬†(thyroid peroxidase and¬†thyroid¬†globulin antibodies)¬†+¬†Thyroid Panel¬†+ Vitamin D Levels

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$162.74

Best for patients who have a¬†personal or family history of cancer, including ‚Äúprecancerous‚ÄĚ diagnoses, OR for those who have had a¬†serious chronic condition.

  • ¬†This panel includes:¬†ANA screening + CRP + CBC + CEA + Ceruloplasmin + CMP + Copper + Ferritin + GGT + Hemoglobin A1c + Homocysteine + IGF + Insulin + LD Isoenzymes/LDH + Lipid Panel + ESR +¬†Thyroid Antibodies¬†(thyroid peroxidase and¬†thyroid¬†globulin antibodies)¬†+¬†Thyroid Panel + Uric Acid + Vitamin D Levels

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$381.10

Best for patients who want a better idea of what is happening with their metabolic and blood sugar function.

  • ¬†This panel includes:¬†Hemoglobin A1C + Insulin + IGF-1 + Lipid Panel + Uric Acid

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$51.50

Best for patients who want a better idea of what is happening with their circulation and waste removal.

  • ¬†This panel includes:¬†Copper + Ceruloplasmin + VEGF + Galectin

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$187.46

Best for patients who want a better idea of their cancer stabilization or progression.

  • ¬†This panel includes:¬†LDH & LD ISOENZYMES + ESR + hsCRP

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$38.11

Best for patients who want a better idea of how stress is impacting their body and how their hormones are functioning.

  • ¬†This panel includes:¬†AM CORTISOL + DHEA SULFATE + IGF + THYROID PANEL

  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$113.30

Best for patients who want a better idea of how inflammation and oxidative stress is impacting their body.


  • Out of pocket discounted rate:¬†$121.54