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Learning is the key to unlocking the doors of knowledge and the gateway to personal growth, understanding, and opportunity.

Embark on a Journey to Wholeness

At Options Naturopathic, we believe in unlocking your full potential for well-being. We guide you on a personalized journey that explores both the root causes of health concerns and the pathways to lasting wellness.

Our approach emphasizes understanding your unique story. We work together to identify the factors influencing your health, from physical aspects to your emotional and mental landscape. This collaborative process empowers you to make informed choices about your health.

Beyond the physical, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. We welcome exploring the role of consciousness and spirituality in your journey, if that resonates with you.

Ready to embark on a path to holistic well-being? We invite you to learn more about how we can partner with you on your journey.

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Empowering Your Health

With us, you are always in control of your healthcare. We present options and you choose where you want to place your focus. The reason is simple. We have learned from years of experience with patients that big personal changes come from a series of small, incremental changes in thinking and behavior over time. 

Choosing Your Provider

We go to great lengths to confirm you are paired with the provider that will maximize your experience and ensure your highest healing. We ask that you review each provider’s profile before requesting an initial consultation. Each doctor has a unique personality and philosophy that may resonate with you more than another. By reviewing their profiles, you can make an informed choice and select the provider that best fits your health goals.

Dr. Erin Holston Singh
Dr. Patrick Healey

Choosing Your Consultation Type

Once you select the provider you would like to work with, your next step is to decide which consultation type is right for you. 

Discovery Consult‚Äč

Discover the key underlying drivers of your symptoms and launch into the proven processes to resolve your issues-with less commitment. Read more

To establish care for infants and children. Also for daycare, school & sports wellness checks. Read more

For those seeking to understand emotions held in the body and their relationship to overall health. Read more

For those who want our metabolic-terrain-centric insight on their bloodwork or want bloodwork ordered prior to a GENERAL INITIAL consult. Also to review speciality labs such as toxicant, hormone, or epigenetic testing for existing patients. Read more

Our most POPULAR consult, for those ready to take the deep dive into their complex medical histories and establish ongoing care with us. Read more

Four separate consultations take the necessary deep dive into YOU in order to explore how to heal, instead of facing a life-threatening death sentence. Read more

Are You Ready To Feel Better?


To shift experiences of illness into Self-Awareness, Flow, Purpose, and ultimately, to support the evolution of consciousness.

Guidance and Collaboration

Our process supports personal evolution through brief and long-term interventions and collaborations that include these core components. We consistently

  • Encourage you to embrace, honor, and tell your personal story
  • Explore your feelings, thoughts, and self-perceptions about your health and mental health condition(s)
  • Review and evaluate your blood tests and other test results
  • Determine your goals for your health and wellness
  • Plan interventions and services with our Roadmap to Health document
  • Offer services, supplements, and other products to support your journey
  • Track, review, and discuss your progress
  • Review your goals, interventions, and daily practices and revise your Roadmap to Health