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Returning to naturopathic options promotes holistic well-being, harnessing nature’s wisdom for natural healing, nurturing the body’s innate resilience and vitality.

Welcome Back!

Follow-Up Process & Scheduling

We’re thrilled to have you back with us as a returning patient. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re committed to providing you with excellent care. To ensure you’re informed and comfortable with our follow-up process, we’ve outlined the key details below.

Available in between regular follow-up consults!

These consultations are designed to address sudden or unexpected health concerns that arise before your next scheduled visit. They are ideal for dealing with:

  • Minor illnesses¬†like colds,¬†congestion,¬†or stomach upsets.
  • New symptoms¬†that you want to discuss with your naturopathic doctor right away.
  • Urgent questions¬†you may have regarding your health or ongoing treatment plan.

Benefits of Acute Consults:

  • Timely access to personalized care:¬†Get immediate attention for your concerns,¬†avoiding potential delays.
  • Tailored advice from your naturopathic doctor:¬†Receive specific guidance and recommendations based on your individual situation.
  • Peace of mind:¬†Address your concerns quickly and proactively,¬†promoting a sense of control over your health journey.

Please note:

  • Lab work review and complex issues are best addressed during your regular follow-up appointment.
  • Acute consultations are $50 per 15 minutes.


To schedule: Call 216-707-9137 and select option #2.

Graduates of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health ‚ÄúTerrain Advocate Program‚ÄĚ, a TAP advocate is ideal to assist you in executing your Roadmap to Health.¬†They are there to:

  • Welcome you warmly¬†and¬†understand your individual needs¬†during your first meeting.
  • Offer¬†personalized recommendations¬†for your¬†diet and lifestyle¬†to complement your medical treatment.
  • Help you prioritize your treatment options¬†and¬†fit them into your daily routine¬†in a way that works for you.
  • Provide¬†ongoing support¬†through additional consultations,¬†so you don’t have to navigate this alone.
  • Facilitate communication with the doctor

These personal guides support you throughout your journey, from the very beginning.

Note: IF you have not been here for two years, please plan for reestablishing care with an initial consult.

Here’s what you can expect during the reassessment:

  • Reassessment: We will conduct a thorough reassessment of your health status to understand any changes or developments in your condition.
  • New Roadmap: Based on the reassessment, we will create a new roadmap plan tailored to your current needs and health goals.
  • Catch-Up Care: If necessary, we‚Äôll provide catch-up care to address any issues that may have arisen during your absence from our clinic.
  • Scheduling: We‚Äôll help you schedule your next appointment, ensuring that you are on the path to optimal health and well-being.

Need a form or letter completed by your doctor? No problem! Just bring it with you to your next appointment. We’ll do our best to complete it for you during your visit to save you time.

However, please note that some forms or letters may be complex and require more time than usual. In these cases, there might be a small administrative fee to cover the additional time needed.

We recommend checking with our office staff in advance if you have any questions about specific forms or if you’re unsure whether there might be a fee involved.

If you’d like your doctor to review your blood test results during your appointment:

  • Schedule your blood draw 7 to 10 days before your appointment.¬†This allows enough time for the lab to process the results and get them to your doctor.
  • We recommend using Labcorp.¬†This makes accessing your results easier and faster for us.
  • Using a different lab like Quest or a hospital lab? You’re responsible for ensuring we receive the results before your appointment.¬†Contact your chosen lab and request they send the results directly to your doctor.


Let’s break down why these steps are important:

  • Doctors need time to analyze blood test results before discussing them with you.
  • We have a direct connection with Labcorp for fast results.
  • If you use a different lab, there might be a delay, or we might not receive the results in time.

To help us prepare for your upcoming consultation, we’d appreciate it if you could fill out a short questionnaire before your appointment. You’ll receive an email and text message with a link to the questionnaire when you schedule your appointment, and again the day before your consultation.

This questionnaire is important because it helps us:

  • Learn more about your current health:¬†This lets us better understand your overall well-being.
  • Identify any specific concerns you might have:¬†This allows us to tailor the consultation to address your individual needs.

By filling out the questionnaire beforehand, you’ll help us make your consultation as efficient and productive as possible.

Don’t miss a beat! Stay informed with our reminders:

Here at Options Naturopathic, we understand that keeping track of appointments, questionnaires, and lab tests can be challenging. That’s why we offer friendly reminders via email and text message to help you stay on top of your healthcare needs.

**These reminders ensure you never miss: **

  • Important information:¬†We’ll keep you informed about details related to your follow-up appointments,¬†questionnaires,¬†and lab tests.
  • Upcoming consultations:¬†Get gentle nudges about your upcoming appointments,¬†helping you avoid any missed visits.
  • Questionnaire deadlines:¬†Don’t worry about missing the questionnaire deadline; we’ll send reminders to ensure you have time to complete it before your consultation.
  • Lab test reminders:¬†Timely reminders about getting your blood drawn (if needed) ensure your results are available for your consultation.

We are dedicated to your well-being:

Whether you’ve been a long-term patient or are returning after a break, your health is our priority. These reminders are part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible care and ensuring you receive smooth and efficient treatment.

Feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions or need further assistance.

As a returning patient, we’ll work with you to create a personalized follow-up schedule based on your specific needs and progress. This typically means seeing your doctor every 4 to 12 weeks, but it can vary depending on your unique situation.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll start with more frequent visits to closely monitor your progress and optimize your health.
  • As your health improves, we’ll gradually extend the time between appointments.
  • Our goal is to help you reach a less frequent schedule while ensuring your health remains well-managed.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions! We’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have any concerns about your follow-up plan, scheduling, or anything related to your health, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for choosing Options Naturopathic! We look forward to helping you on your journey to optimal health.

Additional Offerings

At Options Naturopathic, we transcend the ordinary clinic experience! We are your holistic health allies offering a plethora of services that cater to everyone, patients and non-patients alike. We take pride in being your go-to destination for any health ailment or goal you may have.

Facing a major dental procedure? Prepping for surgery? We‚Äôve got a specialized protocol for a swift recovery and body protection. Dealing with a pesky runny nose and body aches? Choose from our myriad of options for relief that help you avoid antibiotics and Tylenol! Struggling with your diet? Count on us for unwavering support! There‚Äôs no challenge too big or small ‚Äď Options Naturopathic is your all-encompassing wellness sanctuary. Don‚Äôt let your health concerns linger; remember, we‚Äôre here for it all ‚Äď because there‚Äôs nothing we can‚Äôt assist with!


Schedule Your Follow-Up Consultation

For your convenience, you can schedule your follow-up consultations online below. You also have the option to schedule by logging into your CHARM portal and requesting one.

If you prefer to schedule over the phone or have any questions, our friendly staff is here to assist you. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.